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Maximum security for online banking

Chip card readers - the best procedure for your online banking transactions

When it comes to your money, you wouldn’t want to take any chances? Then you should only trust the most secure procedures for online banking. At the top of the list are modern chip card readers - because your transfers, standing orders, and all other banking transactions are in safe hands.

Carry out all processes conveniently with guaranteed security.

HBCI (Homebanking Computer Interface) is a standardized procedure for online banking. It was introduced in 1998 and steadily optimized over recent decades. In this procedure, all safety-relevant data are only located on the chip card of the user, which is also protected by a PIN. The chip TAN only appears on the card reader, and nowhere else. The best protection against hacker attacks!

And here’s how it works: Online banking in just a few steps

If you want to make a transfer, for instance, simply proceed as follows: Fill out the appropriate online banking form of your bank as usual and insert your chip card into the chip card reader. There, you enter your PIN to agree to the transaction. Since you type the PIN on the reader and not on your computer keyboard, third parties cannot access your PIN. Then you hold the reader up to the flashing code on your screen. This generates the chip TAN and your data is encrypted and sent to your bank. Done!

Do you want to be on the safe side in future too?

Then use one of our chip card readers for secure online banking: