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Wikizeit - the information portal for staff time recording

Focus on time recording: First find out, then decide

The introduction of an electronic time recording system is a real challenge for companies. It affects all employees equally, no matter whether they are working full time, part time, or temping. The first step for the successful implementation of time recording is in-depth information on which an informed decision can be based. The Wikizeit information portal was developed specifically for this purpose.

Specialist information, tips, and expert interviews

Wikizeit sheds light on the subject of time recording from all angles relevant to the company, and presents the different aspects in theory and practice. In addition to valuable tips on selecting the right time recording system, legal regulations, for example, are also addressed. Interviews with experts, interesting case studies, and help on saving round off the range of topics from Wikizeit.

Advantages of an accurate time recording system in practice

The testimonials by entrepreneurs from different industries are particularly worth reading. These case studies provide interesting background information: Find out why an electronic time recording system was introduced and what benefits a precise working time recording system offers to all employees.

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