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Fast and secure: Check points on your driver's license online

The new, time-saving online function for traffic offenders

The new, time-saving online function for traffic offenders

Do you have points on your license? And do you know how many you have? If not, you can find out on the Internet now. What was previously only possible to request by mail, or directly from the German Federal Motor Transport Authority in Flensburg or Dresden, can be found online since December 2016. Find out here what you need in order to use the new function.

Important prerequisites: New ID card and card reader

Do you have an ID card that was issued after November 1, 2010? Then your ID card is equipped with an online function. If this is enabled and you have a card reader, you can easily retrieve your license points at home. This combination ensures that only you can access your data.

By the way: For older ID cards, there are no online functions. But as soon as you have a new ID card, they can be activated at any time. Quite easily per PIN code that you obtain from your local authority.

Secure and convenient: Card readers from REINER SCT

If you do not yet have a card reader, the purchase is worthwhile - not just for seeing the points on your license: The devices are especially handy and ensure maximum security for online shopping and for signing digital documents as well. REINER SCT provides three versions for the new ID card: cyberJack® RFID basis, cyberJack® RFID standard and cyberJack® RFID komfort.

Take a look at the card readers now!