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Secure Logon 2 - so no-one can crack your PC!

How do you protect your PC from unauthorized access?

When it comes to our data, we have become more careful: We install virus scanners to protect us from attacks from the Internet, we do not open e-mail attachments from unknown senders, and we avoid clicking on links in third party e-mails. But how safe is our PC in the office or at home if the hacker is sitting right in front of it? In most cases, the security of our data is hanging by a thread, or better said a password. Child's play for a professional. Especially when it is a simple password.

Secure Logon 2: Data protection at the highest level of security

REINER SCT offers an ingenious solution for these direct attacks on your PC: Secure Logon 2. All you need is a REINER SCT Secure Logon chip card, an RFID chip card reader and the Secure Logon 2 software. They make it so easy to protect your PC: Save the Windows logon data on the chip card and secure it with an individual PIN. Then log on and off the PC by inserting the chip card in the chip card reader and unlocking it with the PIN. Done! Your PC is perfectly secured.

The trade press agrees: Excellent quality

The high security standard of Secure Logon 2 during the product tests was rated "Excellent" several times, and rightly so! This is because the double safeguarding of the PC makes it very difficult or virtually impossible to access the data on the PC. Conclusion: Your data is absolutely secure because it cannot be protected any better!

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